This site is for entertainment purposes only. The information you will find here is gathered with great care but because of the complexity and rapid evolving of the NFT space I strongly suggest to seek expert advice form a art expert/financial expert/computer data security expert and/or other expert(s)

What Is Metamask?

Metamask is a browser extension that can be used as a crypto wallet

What Is Polygon?

Polygon is an Ethereum compatible blockchain network. Payments are made with the $MATIC token. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/polygon/ https://polygon.technology/

What Is Opensea?

Opensea is a NFT marketplace https://opensea.io/AntonGlazenwasser

What Is Ethereum, Ether And ETH?

Ethereum is a blockchain technology. https://ethereum.org/en/what-is-ethereum/

What is a NFT

Non-fungible token. Data stored (in theory) forever on the blockchain that proves provenance.

Public (This is the standard) or secret NFT’s

Public and secret content: Sometimes the creator has chosen to mint the NFT on the public blockchain and also have encrypted data in the form of unlockable content (see below!)

Secret content: As the name implies the data is encrypted (I’m personally not qualified to determine how safe your data will be, so do your own research!)

What is a Ledger

Transactions are stored on a ledger in blocks on the blockchain

What is a Secret Recovery Phrase

A 12 or 24 word access “key” that you must keep secret or your crypto and/or NFT’s can be easily taken from you!

What is a blockchain

Blockchain is a growing list of blocks, that are linked together. Each block contains a hash (a kind of identifier) of the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction data.

What is a cryptographic hash

A kind of identifier