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You might be wondering what is the point of wanting to own digital art. After all, can’t you just screenshot it and own it just like the rest of the world that owns a smartphone? Well, yes and no. Technically you will have a copy of the artwork, but you won’t own the original art which can be verified on the blockchain. Think of it as owning the original Mona Lisa versus owning a cheap replica of it from a souvenir shop. Sure, you might own something similar, but the value lies in actually owning it, just like with physical artwork.

Dark Theme With Vibrant Highlights

One of the pieces that I particularly like is #218. This NFT features a primarily dark theme with vibrant highlights running through it. The more that you look into it, the more designs and possibilities you can draw from it. Faces, shapes, patterns all can be found in this beautiful piece. More

Cartoon Forest

If you are more of an outdoorsy person, try something simple like #8. This piece is a simple view of a cartoon forest that features heavy dark green and brown themes. This is a lovely piece for the outdoorsman who loves to collect quality work.